Several national research associations have studied the positive effects of exercise on cancer treatment, and many national organizations—including the National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Cancer Society (ACS) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)—recommend and encourage cancer patients to participate in exercise programs.

In fact, NCI is investigating whether exercise can affect survival after cancer treatment.  While there is no consensus as to the impact on survival, exercise has been shown to lessen anxiety, reduce depression, improve mood, boost self-esteem and reduce cancer-related symptoms.  Cancer Services offers two different exercise classes free of charge to clients in all stages of survivorship. All classes require registration and physician approval prior to participation. If you are interested in the exercise programs offered, please call (225) 927-2273.


Fit & FearlessFit and Fearless combines light cardio with stretching and relaxation.  Our longest-running exercise program, Fit & Fearless remains the most popular of the exercise programs offered by Cancer Services.  The class is facilitated by Laura LeBlanc, a Certified Exercise Instructor with a special interest in Cancer Survivorship.  Laura has been teaching the class since the program started in 2007. Participants are not required to perform any exercise they may feel uncomfortable doing, and all are encouraged to simply ‘keep moving!’ even when taking a rest.


The series of yoga poses incorporated into this class are taught at a very slow rate and are very low-impact. The poses and breathing exercises are designed and adapted to create a tranquil, relaxing yoga experience.  In this course, a gentle, restorative approach to yoga is designed to allow individual participation adapted to each person’s own skill level.  Every pose can be adapted to a student’s energy level, and props are provided as needed. Please call The Red Shoes at (225) 338-1170 for more information.