Annually, Cancer Services hosts or benefits from a number of fundraising events that support our mission of improving life for those living with cancer. These events allow us to offer support groups, children’s programs, survivorship events, summer camps, education classes, agency events and more. Click here to see our calendar for a full listing of events.


Signature Fundraising Event

When Cancer Services joined forces with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, it offered expanded opportunities to serve more patients and make the most efficient use of generous donor dollars. With a true spirit of supporting those impacted by cancer, the two organizations launched a brand-new community bash to raise funds together.

Partner Events

Cancer Services partners with local and national organizations who donate funds that help support the mission of improving life for those living with cancer through targeted areas. Cancer Services is proud to partner with Geaux Teal and Blue Ribbon Soiree who host unique events to raise awareness and funds for ovarian and prostate cancer.

3rd Party Events

Cancer Services is fortunate to partner with local companies and organizations who raise money for our agency through events. Check back regularly to see events in our community. Are you planning a 3rd Party Event for Cancer Services? Let us know!