When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family must cope with significant changes. This program provides children and families with information, services, support and the skills needed to cope with the cancer in their lives. As with all of Cancer Services’ services and programs, this program is free of charge.

Financial Assistance & Supplies

A one-time $500 grant may be available to families in which a child has cancer. The grant is give to the family to help defray the high costs associated with a cancer diagnosis. Wigs, nutritional supplements, medical supplies and equipment are also available.


A social worker trained in oncology needs of children is available to partner with you and family through the cancer journey.

Counseling is available to children, parents and immediate family members to help in managing the numerous issues that emerge during and after cancer treatment. Counseling is an effective tool for learning to cope with stressful events and is effective in opening the lines of communication within the family. Counseling can take place at Cancer Services or the hospital.

Supportive Services

Supportive services come in the form of educational meetings (Cancer 101) and support groups for parents, grandparents and other family members. Groups are led by social workers and give people the opportunity to talk, network and receive support from others going through similar situations. Families with a newly diagnosed child can also be paired with a family who has also experienced childhood cancer. Families provide each other with important information and support during this difficult time.

Grands Helping Grands: A support group for grandparents with a grandchild with cancer. Group meets the last Friday of each month at noon at Cancer Services. Lunch is served.

Parents’ Night Out: Twice a year, moms and dads are invited to a night. Parents enjoy a delicious dinner and are given the opportunity to sit and visit with other moms and dads, either sharing concerns, or using the night to temporarily escape from their worries and concerns.

Educational Support

Many children or families coping with a cancer diagnosis struggle to manage both the stressors of the cancer treatment and the demands of school. Some children may need a little extra help, while others may face specific cognitive issues related to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our educational professionals and educational volunteers work to provide support for teachers, families and students. Our goal is to help children meet very clearly defined educational objectives.

Monthly Activities

Cancer Services offers families a chance to enjoy normal family outings with other families coping with cancer through free monthly activities like family bowling, cooking at Young Chef’s Academy, or Equine Fun Day. These activities offer families an opportunity to forget about cancer and escape the stresses associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Camp Care

Camp Care is a weeklong summer camp for children (ages 5-13) with cancer and their siblings. Campers enjoy varied activities, including fishing, rock climbing, laser tag, movies and much more. An on-site nurse or doctor provides medical oversight, while the children have fun in a safe environment. For more information on Camp Care, click here.

Holiday Party

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, but can often be stressful when a family is impacted by cancer. To help families have a merry and bright holiday season, Cancer Services hosts a festive party and provides presents for children and teens (18 and younger) in the family.

Palliative Care Support

Cancer Services will work closely with parents of children receiving palliative support or hospice care to provide necessary referrals to resources within the community. Children receiving palliative care are encouraged to provide a “wish list” to our staff who will then work with the families and members of the community to help children accomplish their dreams and goals.