On December 7, 2013, the inaugural crew of LIFERUNNERS ran the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon.  This inspiring crew helped raised over $10,000 to help improve life for those living with cancer in our community.  To learn more abotu this increadible crew, read their stories below.

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  • New Orleans native Shelly Dupuy is running the half marathon in memory of her Aunt Judy who passed away from colon cancer at the age of 33. An avid runner, she ran the Disney marathon in January.


  • Holly Faucheux is running in memory of her grandmother, Ann Midyett. A former runner, she’s using LIFE RUNNER to re-commit because “it surrounds me with people who have the desire to help those in need while achieving our running goals. We share a bond that will push us that much harder and dig that much deeper.”


  • John Boudreaux is running in honor of Rebecca LeBlanc (both pictured), a mother of two who works at Wells Fargo Advisors and was diagnosed with breast cancer this year. John says, “She has been fighting cancer like a champ. When I run I think of her (along with all who are fighting cancer), and she inspires me to go that extra mile.”


  • Danielle and Justin Welborn: Danielle says, “Cancer is everywhere, unfortunately. Since I signed up to be a LIFERUNNER, TWO more people in my life have been affected by cancer! I am running for the people who have lost the battle, who are fighting the battle, and who don’t even know that they will be fighting the battle! I hope this little race can have a huge impact on someone’s life – then I can say I’ve met my goal!”


  • Tensey Pricer is running in memory of Dr. Fraser Landreneau. Tensey says, “Fraser was a gifted surgeon, devoted family man and enthusiastic friend. He lost his battle with cancer on Nov. 7, 2011. Two years later I still look at him as an inspiration for living life to the fullest and for facing adversity with courage and conviction. Fraser gave me a set of his scrubs before he died and I plan to wear the shirt during my run. With LIFE RUNNERS I am able to combine three passions: great friends, fitness and helping a worthy cause.”


  • Susan Moreland is running in memory of her friend, Sarah. On running the half marathon and being a LIFERUNNER, Susan says, “I resisted committing to run a half-marathon, mostly because I didn’t think I could do one again, but I’m inspired to run in memory of my dear friend Sarah Peckham who died 2 years ago of endometrial cancer. She was such a strong, creative and joyous person. Training for the half-marathon has been a meaningful time to reflect on how grateful I am that I knew Sarah and how much I appreciated her kindness, her enthusiasm, and genuine friendship. I also love Cancer Services and what they do—I’ve been working here for 19 years.”


  • Michelle Richardson is running in memory of her father, Daniel W. LeBlanc (pictured). A Baton Rouge native, veteran, lawyer & former FBI agent, he served on the First Circuit Court of Appeals from 1986-2000. Michelle explains her inspiration: “He loved meeting & helping people. When we visited he loved showing us everything new in Baton Rouge, especially the new restaurants. Daddy died on May 12, 2013 from a rare form of squamous cell carcinoma. I am so blessed that he was my Daddy. He taught me many things, most importantly, that I can accomplish anything that I work for. I miss him every day & hope that I can help raise money to make the lives of those living with and battling cancer better.”


  • Stephanie Arboneaux is running in memory of Sharon Fife. Stephanie says, “When I learned about the opportunity to make my long-time goal even more special by running in honor of someone affected by cancer, I immediately thought of Sharon. Sharon lost the battle to peritoneal cancer in October 2012. She was an amazing person and role model for others. She helped others through her work as well as her involvement in various charitable organizations. My first half marathon is a perfect opportunity to continue helping others in her memory! She has motivated me throughout my training and I believe she will be with me during those 13.1 miles.”


  • Mary Kathryn Rodrigue is running in memory of Steve Bueche. She says, “His daughter Morgan works with me, and is a daily inspiration of how a father/daughter bond is eternal. She tells me stories of her father’s resiliency and that sentiment helps me run another mile.” Steve was a marathon runner himself, running his last one just weeks before being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2006. Morgan says, “He was a man of great strength and courage throughout his illness. He never gave up and fought to the end. He never ran another marathon, but walked everyday he could in and out of the hospital. He was still training for his next marathon.”


  • Seyi Fadamiro was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the States at age of 12. He went to Auburn University and moved to Baton Rouge right after where he’s currently an Electrical Engineer with Dow Louisiana Operations. His favorite hobby is soccer and he is a member of Y’ALL, the young professionals group of Cancer Services. Seyi says, “On December 7th, I will be running for all our heroes in the Greater BR area living fulfilling lives even with cancer!”


  • Stefanie Berthelot is running for kids at St. Jude and in memory of her mom. She says, “I’ve been working for St. Jude since April 2001. I’m familiar with Cancer Services through work but also personally. I have seen the wonderful services Cancer Services have offered from Camp Care, Christmas parties, Mom’s night out, support groups and many other services. These kids have showed me strength that I have never known. Back in 2007 my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. She fought for 2.5 years and lost her battle in June 2010. I ran my first half marathon at the Rock and Roll New Orleans back in 2011 in her memory.”