Brooklyn might be tiny, but her story is huge.  Thanks to your continued support of Cancer Services, she has a huge future ahead of her.   At 3 and a half years old, Brooklyn was diagnosed with leukemia.  During treatment, Brooklyn received over 1,000 doses of chemotherapy.  Her little body and mind are still recovering. Because of what’s known as “chemo brain,” she’s had to re-learn to walk and talk, she can easily forget things and her speech delay kept her from talking to her pre-school teachers for almost a year.  In addition to these temporary cognitive issues, the years of needles, hospitals and doctors left Brooklyn shy, fearful and unsure of her place in the world.

Almost five years later, Brooklyn is cancer-free and doing well, and her story does not end there.  Brooklyn was among the first to be a part of Cancer Services’ new tutoring program.  The timing was perfect as Brooklyn started first grade, “real school,” this year.  After just a few months of working with Cancer Services, Brooklyn went from bringing home failing grades to bringing home A’s and B’s.  She’s been able to get the one-on-one attention she needs, free of charge, while staying in her own school where she’s comfortable.  Cancer Services was truly the missing piece in her cancer journey.  Because of this new tutoring program, monthly family events, and the week-long summer camp, that both Brooklyn and her brother Noah attended, Brooklyn’s family is in a better place.


“Cancer Services has found an everlasting place in my heart, and we know that is only due to your (donors)  generosity and support that we have this special place,” says Brooklyn’s mom Kodie. Brooklyn’s story is big, and it is just one example of the many ways that Cancer Services continually grows to respond to the needs of families and individuals affected by cancer, but we need your help to continue growing.  To donate, click here.  To learn more about the Bella Bowman Children’s Program and Education Assistance, click here.