On February 23, 2016, Jill Roshto marks her first anniversary at Cancer Services. Under her leadership, and with the help of the board, she has been instrumental in helping the organization streamline processes and increase community awareness while focusing on future growth.

Below is a letter to the community as Jill reflects on her first year.

Dear Friends of Cancer Services,

We all know the old adage that “time flies when you are having fun,” but never more so than we when you can measure it by a significant life event. One year ago this month, I accepted the position of CEO at Cancer Services and what a year it has been.

When I arrived, I only thought I knew what Cancer Services did in our community, but one year later, let me tell you what I really know.

I know what our mission – improving life for those living with cancer – TRULY means. Cancer does not discriminate and both the disease and the treatments are scary, painful and heartbreaking.

I know that the human spirit is resilient and ever optimistic. I have seen what a difference the things that we do here everyday can make in the lives of our clients and their families. A small amount of financial assistance can fill the gap until the other resources become available.  I have assisted a woman, who walked through our doors slowly, in trying on wigs until she found the perfect one that helped her feel more confident and a little bit sassy as she walked out of the doors.

I know that the whole family is a part of the cancer diagnosis.  I have seen weary caretakers seem just a little less tired as we deliver a case of nutritional supplement out to their car or help them load a wheelchair.

I know that children with cancer need to be with others who understand where they have been, what they are going through, and that even at the worst of times, there is hope, in all of its many forms. I have seen children dealing with unimaginable, experience what we call “camp magic,” and sing, dance and celebrate life together.

And finally, I know that I love it here. I know that our staff, board of directors, volunteers and community partners are all making a difference, a little bit at a time, everyday.

Join me and help us continue to improve life for those living with cancer.



Cancer Services