For over 50 years, Cancer Services has been dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by cancer. As we continue into the year, Cancer Services would like to recognize its team members who work tirelessly to support its mission.

Shawndolyn “Shawnda” Barrow is Cancer Services’ client service liaison. She also recently celebrated her eleventh anniversary of working at the organization. Shawnda gave insight into her role at Cancer Services and what inspires her work.

Before beginning at the non-profit, Shawnda worked as a data entry specialist. Needing a change, Shawnda decided to apply at Cancer Services. Soon after starting, Shawnda quickly realized that this was the right decision. Shawnda stated, “I had found what I needed,” when describing the fulfillment that she found in serving her community.

As part of her role as client services liaison, Shawnda manages the non-profit’s inventory and distribution systems. She also maintains Cancer Services’ supply of nutritional supplements and medical equipment.

In addition to distribution management, Shawnda also oversees Cancer Services’ Wig Boutique. Here, she has one-on-one wig-styling sessions with women who have lost hair during treatment. During these appointments, Shawnda aims to inspire hope in clients, not only through their appearances but also through the personal connections made. [Click here, to read more about Cancer Services’ Wig Boutique]

When asked about her approach to working with new clients, Shawnda stated, “Everyone has their own story, and everyone’s needs are unique.” Therefore, she always tries to “meet the client where they are.” Though each person’s needs are different, she goes into every interaction with the same goal of helping in any way that she can.

When describing what makes Cancer Services unique, Shawnda relied on her motto, “We’re small but mighty.” She stated that the organization’s size allows it the flexibility to adapt quickly to the environment, even as clients’ needs change. She also noted that its unique programs support an assortment of client needs, whether financial, nutritional or emotional.

Making a positive impact, Shawnda stated, is the highlight of her work. Shawnda noted that compassion given to a single person spreads throughout the entire community. “When you touch one person, you touch many,” she said. Thanks to community generosity, Cancer Services team members can continue making a difference at no cost to clients every day.