(Baton Rouge, La.)The only camp of its kind in the nation for children who have been affected by cancer, Camp Spotlight, was held last week with rave reviews and a standing ovation. Cancer Services partnered with Manship Theatre to offer the camp to 20 kids ages 8 to 12 affected by the disease. This one-of-a-kind camp was a weeklong musical theatre program held at the Shaw Center for the Arts.

All attendees enjoyed a special week of learning vocals, acting and choreography from theatre professionals, then performed a finale for family and friends. Cancer Services and Manship Theatre staff collaborated to lead camp efforts. The event was free of charge to all campers, thanks to the generosity of Steve Buco, president of Statistical Resources, Inc.

“Because of the medical appointments, expenses and logistical issues that come with cancer, a lot of kids impacted by the disease don’t have the chance to participate in after-school activities,” said Whitney Craig, LCSW, Cancer Services Director. “Camp Spotlight lets these kids have fun, experience some normalcy, and make friends who understand what they’re going through.”

Cancer Services hosts four additional kids’ camps each year:

  • Camp Care will be held mid-July and is a weeklong summer camp for kids who have or had cancer and their siblings.
  • Camp Climb is a day camp for children who have a parent with cancer, and is scheduled for early August.
  • Camp Erin, in partnership with Eluna Network, formerly The Moyer Foundation, is an overnight weekend camp for children who have experienced the death of a loved one. Camp Erin will be held in late September.
  • STEM Camp is a two-day camp held throughout the year in partnership with St. Joseph’s Academy. STEM Camp teaches children ages 12 and older who have been affected by cancer how to use curiosity, creativity and math and science skills to design and create with laser technology.

For more information on camps, please call Jamie Collins at 225-927-2273 or visit cancerservices.org.


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