Mind-body medicine is proven to help cancer patients by reducing stress, enhancing the immune system, increasing sense of well-being and improving self-care.

Cindy Green, a cancer survivor and Cancer Services client, has found a way to continue practicing her mind-body practices while social distancing in the form of sewing, but at the same time helping the caregivers who were at her side throughout her journey

While participating in the mind-body program at Cancer Services, Cindy took a liking to art. When COVID-19 emerged, she realized she could connect her love of creating things and giving back to the community while also keeping her mind engaged and her hands busy. She decided sewing face masks for healthcare workers was how she could best contribute.

When she was receiving cancer treatment, Cindy took notice of how dedicated the doctors and nurses were, and felt this was a way to give back to the medical professionals during their current time of need.

She has requested measurements from the medical facilities in order to sew the masks together before she drops them off for use. She has made about 700 masks, which have been donated to several local cancer centers and hospitals. During this time, Cindy’s donations have helped her keep her life balanced and calm while contributing to the community.

While Cancer Services is not collecting donations of face masks, local medical centers are in need.