Cancer Services is thrilled to announce a new partnership with GeauxTeal, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness for women of all ages about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Following a recent donation of $5,500.01, Cancer Services CEO Brian Hannah announces the new partnership, “Cancer Services is  honored to have been chosen by GeauxTeal to partner with them in their mission. The committed financial resources will be used to assist those who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the Greater Baton Rouge area.” The nature of ovarian cancer makes detection difficult and symptoms are often misdiagnosed and mistaken for other problems. Geaux Teal emphasizes education and awareness objectives with an overall goal to link longer survivorship with women’s understanding of ovarian cancer and its dangers.

Formed by a group of passionate volunteers who have personal connections to the disease, GeauxTeal is spearheaded by the LSU Softball Coach Beth Torina. Coach shares the excitement of partnering with Cancer Services, “The services that they offer to the Greater Baton Rouge community are endless and unmatched. The women of the GeauxTeal Committee are thrilled to partner with such an outstanding organization and hope that this donation reduces the burden for any woman challenged with facing ovarian cancer.”

The LSU Softball Team embraces GeauxTeal’s mission, hosting a teal game each year in conjunction with the organization’s GeauxTeal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk, open to anyone in the community. In 2013, the walk raised almost $17,000 and the organization is looking forward to this year’s on April 12, 2014 with hopes to raise even more. Visit for more information about the organization and to register for the walk to support ovarian cancer awareness and support in the Baton Rouge community!