Mother/Son Duo Joins Forces to Give Back

As Susan Moreland approached retirement from Cancer Services, the biggest drawback was the thought not being able to help the Cancer Services clients she came to know and love. As it turned out, Cancer Services was – and still is – in need of dedicated volunteers, and Susan was quick to sign up for the task.

“Cancer Services is a place where people may be anxious and scared when they come in, but they leave with smile,” says Susan. “Anyone who has been affected by cancer needs someone to listen and make them feel comfortable. Knowing I can help turn their day around by doing something that simple is really powerful.”

About a year into Susan’s retirement and volunteer tenure, her 35-year-old son Luke began his second stint of volunteering at Cancer Services – the first occurred when he was in high school. Sometimes the mother and son volunteer together, but they often have separate duties and shifts.

“I think Luke is at Cancer Services more than I am,” says Susan. “He’s heard me talk about it over the years, and knows what a great way it is to give back.”

When Susan was employed at Cancer Services, her jobs ranged from directing the resource center to managing programs. Today, her duties as a volunteer may include administrative work like preparing new client packages or taking the time to listen as participants tell her what it felt like to go to the doctor or have chemo. Luke spends his volunteer time in the Cancer Services distribution center, where he makes sure clients receive the services they need such as nutritional supplements, medical supplies and equipment or a wig from their boutique.

“There are lots of different volunteer areas. Whether you’re good with computers, can lift heavy boxes, or have a knack for providing emotional support, this organization does a great job of matching people with areas they’re talented in,” says Susan. “Sometimes I feel like all I’ve done is sit there and smile, but I know it’s important work because it’s what clients needed that day.”

“Cancer Services has a beautiful atmosphere,” says Luke. “It helps lift people’s spirits – clients and volunteers alike.”

“I’ve met some really great people over the years through Cancer Services,” remarks Susan. “I would encourage anyone to give a bit of themselves. The rewards are enormous.”

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Cancer Services, please click here or call (225) 927-2273.