When a parent or grandparent living in a home is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family must cope with significant changes. Attention is often necessarily re-directed towards medical treatment and doctor appointments. While adults in the family are coping with serious, ever-changing issues, children living in the family feel the effects of that stress and must cope with their own fears and concerns. The Children & Family program at Cancer Services recognizes the effects of a cancer diagnosis upon the entire family and exists to allow family members coping with a cancer diagnosis an opportunity to meet other families as they participate in joyful, fun activities. The activities are designed to allow families an opportunity to interact, provide mutual support, and participate in activities in a safe, supportive environment. Families enjoy “normal” activities together and are provided an opportunity to enjoy living life while coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Counseling & Supportive Services

Counseling is available to children, parents and immediate family members to help in managing the numerous issues that emerge during and after cancer treatment. Counseling is an effective tool for learning to cope with stressful events and is effective in opening the lines of communication within the family.

Supportive services come in the form of educational meetings (Cancer 101) and cancer support groups for adults. Click here for more information. Groups are led by social workers and give people the opportunity to talk, network and receive support from others experiencing similar situations.

Camp Climb

Our summer day camp for children who have a parent or guardian currently in active cancer treatment or those who are up to three years post-active treatment, is held for one week in June. Campers must be between the ages of 5-13 to attend. Campers enjoy varied activities, including fishing, rock climbing, laser tag, movies, and much more. An application is required for each child. For more information on Camp Climb, click here.

Educational Support Services

Many children or families coping with a cancer diagnosis struggle to manage both the stressors of the cancer treatment and the demands of school. Some children may need a little extra help, while others may face specific cognitive issues related to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our educational professionals and educational volunteers work to provide support for teachers, families and students. Our goal is to help children meet very clearly defined educational objectives.

Monthly Activities

Cancer Services offers families a chance to enjoy normal family outings with other families coping with cancer through free monthly activities like family bowling, cooking at Young Chef’s Academy, or Equine Fun Day. These activities offer families an opportunity to forget about cancer and escape the stresses associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Holiday Party

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, but can often be stressful when a family is impacted by cancer. To help families have a merry and bright holiday season, Cancer Services hosts a festive party and provides presents for children and teens (18 and younger) in the family.  If you are are already registered with Cancer Services, click here for more information on the 2016 holiday party and to fill out a form to participate.

Additional Services

In addition to these services, comprehensive and tailored services, resources and programs are available for the adult affected by cancer. Click here for more information.

For more information on this program, please email us or call 225-927-2273.