When a parent or grandparent living in a home is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family must cope with significant changes. Attention is often necessarily re-directed towards medical treatment and doctor appointments. While adults in the family are coping with serious, ever-changing issues, children living in the family feel the effects of that stress and must cope with their own fears and concerns. The Children & Family program at Cancer Services recognizes the effects of a cancer diagnosis upon the entire family and exists to allow family members coping with a cancer diagnosis an opportunity to meet other families as they participate in joyful, fun activities. The activities are designed to allow families an opportunity to interact, provide mutual support, and participate in activities in a safe, supportive environment. Families enjoy “normal” activities together and are provided an opportunity to enjoy living life while coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Counseling Services

Counseling is available to children, parents and immediate family members to help in managing the numerous issues that emerge during and after cancer treatment. Counseling is an effective tool for learning to cope with stressful events and is effective in opening the lines of communication within the family.


The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, but can often be stressful when a family is impacted by cancer. To help families have a merry and bright holiday season, Cancer Services hosts a festive event for Holiday Cheer. Stop by to enjoy multiple holiday-themed crafts and goodies, like ornament making, holiday trivia and cookie decorating. There may even be a special visit from Santa!

Additional Services

In addition to these services, comprehensive and tailored services, resources and programs are available for the adult affected by cancer. Click here for more information.

For more information on this program, please email us or call (225) 927-2273.