Contributions and Donations

Cancer Services is 100% dependent on the generosity of this community. Thank you to all the individuals, companies, foundations and families who make it possible for us to serve those living with, through and beyond cancer in our community. Listed below are those who gave in 2013, to join them this year in improving life for those living with cancer you can click here to donate.

Honorariums and Memorials

2013 Contributions

$25,000 +

Albemarle Foundation

The Bella Bowman Foundation

Virginia Major Brooks Memorial Fund

Capital Area United Way

Colon Cancer Coalition/Get Your Rear in Gear Baton Rouge

Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge

Susan G. Komen Baton Rouge

LSO Foundation for Skin Cancer Awareness

Mary Bird Perkins - Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center

Irene W. & C. B. Pennington Foundation

The Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation


$10,000 - $24,999

2 Seam Dream Foundation

Baton Rouge General

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Capital One Bank

Bobby and Cindy DeAngelo

ExxonMobil Foundation

Group Contractors

Matthew and Sherri McKay

The William Montan Charitable Trust

Our Lady of the Lake Foundation

Tomarlee Foundation

Turner Industries Group

Valero Energy Foundation


$5,000 - $9,999

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation

Brent and Donna Boé

Bill and Mary Lee Dixon

Dow Chemical Company

The Boo Grigsby Foundation

La Capitale Chapter, The Links, Inc.


Louisiana Hematology Oncology Associates

Tony S. Parnell

Performance Contractors, Inc.

Mike and Nancy Savoy

Special Children's Foundation

St. James Episcopal Church

Mr. John G. Turner and Mr. Jerry Fischer

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Youth Service America/Zach's Lidz for Kidz


$2,500 -  $4,999

Tim and Nan Barfield

Don and Jacquie Barnes

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Billings, III

BR&R Foundation

Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley W. Coates

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ellis, Jr.

Brian and Suzy Hannah

Charles and Carole Lamar

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Livingston Alive Magazine

Louisiana Lottery Corporation

LUBA Workers' Comp

The J. D. and Patsy R. Lyle Family Fund


Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Moser

John and Virginia Noland

Ott Memorial Tennis Tournament

Janice and Gerald Pellar

Peoples Health

Bill and Cherie Peters

Phelps Dunbar, LLP

Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group

Ralph and Sissy Stephens

Moo and Martin Svendson

Swollfest, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Todd

Sari and Thomas Turner

Wolseley Industrial Group


$1,500- $2,499

Drs. Albert and Elba Alexander

Mr. Dane C. Andreeff

Apex Industries Corporation

Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance

Associated Grocers, Inc.

Jim and Laura Bailey

Drs. Louis and Lauren Barfield

Bayou Radiation Oncology, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Vandy Black

John and Stephanie Boudreaux

Dr. Jay and Vicki Brooks

Mr. Carlton Buzbee

Connie and Mike Caldwell

Matthew and Nicole Colvin

Debbie and John L. Daniel Jr.

Jay and Cathy Dardenne

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Deyo

Gary and Joyce Doyle

Mrs. Winifrid Gill


Becky and Alston Johnson

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Knights of Columbus #3331

Lamar-Dixon Expo Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Layne McDaniel

Julie Morial, MD and Juan Cruz

Mr. Michael Pitts

The Reilly Family Foundation

Mimi and Guy Riché

Dr. and Mrs. Victor E. Sachse

Todd and Kelli Stevens

Mr. Edgardo Tenreiro

Mr. Bruce L. Wilkerson

David and Angela Zeringue


$1,000 - $1,499


A. Wilbert's Sons

Alexander & Sanders Insurance Agency, Inc.

Alice and Bob Greer

Augustus Consulting

Baron & Budd Professional Corporation

Benton and Janie Dupont

Bobby and Marsha Yarborough

Cajun Industries, LLC

Chase Rainey

EMCO Technologies

Evans-Graves Engineers

Grey Wilson Properties LLC

Hollingsworth Richards Automotive Group

Industrial Specialty Contractors, Inc.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Johnson & Johnson

Jones Walker

Kean Miller LLP

Keogh, Cox & Wilson, LTD

Latter & Blum Property Management

Lofton Staffing Services

Long Law Firm

Lynne Burkart

Moody-Price, L.L.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Abboud

Mr. and Mrs. Conville Lemoine

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Perry

Mrs. Barbara McLoud Henry

Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Oak Point Fresh Market, LLC

Ochsner Health Center--Hematology/Oncology


Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC

Price LeBlanc Toyota/Lexus

Provost, Salter, Harper & Alford, LLC

Radiology Associates

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Regions Bank

Starmount Life Insurance

Taylor Porter Law Firm

VIP International

Wells Fargo Advisors

Whitney National Bank

William Russell, MD and Andrew Lauve, MD

Mr. and Mrs. David Bienvenu

Mr. and Mrs. G. Rolfe Miller

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Campbell,   Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rousseau

Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Toups

Mr. and Mrs. Steven LeVan

Mr. Patrick Toney and Ms. Michelle A. Carriere

Ms. Rebecca Melancon


$500 - $999


Keith Gibson, MD and Elise Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alleva

Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance

Mr. Delrice "Del" Augustus

Princeton and Dadie Bardwell

Jim and Diane Bollinger

Mr. and Mrs. Phelan A. Bright

Mr. Gerald "Jerry" Burtner

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Carter


Mr. and Mrs. G. Blane Clark Jr.

Ned and Laura Clark

Jay and Cathy Dardenne

Mr. and Mrs. John Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Demouy

Ms. Aimee L. Doyle

Ms. Sara G. Easterly

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Enos

Brett and Renee Furr

Russell Futrell

Todd and Gwen Graves

Dr. Evelyn K. Hayes

Cordell and Ava Haymon

Henry Insurance Services, Inc.

Don and Verni Howard

Dr. Emma M. Jones

Martha and Joe Juban

Maryellen and David Kelly and Family

Jane and Kris Kirkpatrick

Kay Kirkpatrick

Scott and Heather Kirkpatrick

Knights of Columbus #8878

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knobloch

Mrs. Rebecca Favre Lipe

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Lo

Mr. Kevin Lyle

Mr. Scott Madison

Trish Mann

Mr. Frank D. McArthur II

Mr. James R. "Jim" McIlwain

Dr. and Mrs. Tom J. Meek Jr.

Mrs. Anne Meek

Mr. Ehab Meselhe

Earl and Enola Nelson Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Netterville

Mr. W. Steve Sandahl

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt M. Sanders

Mr. Michael H. Sause

The Thomas and Mayme P. Scott Foundation   Inc.

SJB Group

Nick and Abbie Speyrer

St. Andrew's United Methodist Church

Telecom Pioneers Louisiana Chapter #24

Mr. Mike Wampold III

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Weldon

Dr. and Mrs. Roger West

Milton J. Womack General Contractors

The Milton J. Womack Foundation Fund


Under $500

A. K. and Frances McInnis Memorial Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Leo  Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Achord

Albany Homemakers 


Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Alexander, Jr.

Roslyn J. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alleva

Always Best Care Senior Services 

America First Insurance 

Ms. Jean Andrews


ARM, Inc. 

Mr. Bobby Arvel

Mr. and Mrs. W. G.  Avery

Ms. Leona Avery

Ms. Wylma Bahcall

Mr. George Balhoff

Mrs. J.C. Ballard

Bank of America United Way Campaign 

Ms. Debora Barbier

Mr. Roy Baremore

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bateman

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Batson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bell

Bible Learners - First Baptist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. David Bienvenu

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin H. Bland

Mr. Walter Bliss

Mr. and Mrs. Milford L. Blum

Mrs. Dorothy Boatner

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Boeneke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bogan Jr.

Mr. Elton Bolin

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sr. Bottoms

Mr. and Mrs. John Boudreaux

BR&R Foundation 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Branstetter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Phelan A. Bright

Ms. Heidemarie Brochard

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Broyles

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bruetting

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bruner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckley

Ms. R. Shirley Burgess

Mrs. Jane Burk

Ms. Joan Karen B. Burleigh

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun A. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. John Burroughs

Mr. and Ms. Jim Burton

Ms. Cynthia Burton

Mr. Chad Bush

Mr. Carlton Buzbee

Ms. Maria M. Callender

Ms. Maralyn B. Cambre

Ms. Susan Cambre

Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans 

Mrs. Judith Cancienne

Capital One Services, LLC 

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Carpenter

Ms. Chanda Carter

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Cassidy

Catholic Daughters of the Americas 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Cazenave

Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Cerniauskas

Annie Chapman

Charity Blip, LLC 

Beatrice Chase

Ms. Sally Chenevert

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program 

Children's World Early Head Start 

Mr. Jordan Chiro

Cobb County Board of Commissioners 

Mr. J. W. Cocreham

Ms. Carla Coffin

Coleman Partners Architects, LLC 

Colon Cancer Coalition Foundation 

Combined Federal Campaign 

Ms. Jennie Comeaux

Community Foundation of Acadiana 

Community Sunday School 

Congregation Church of God 

Mr. John Connolly

Kece Cooley

Ms. Marilyn Cooling

Ms. Merle Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Cormack

Ms. Yvonne Cox

Mr. Christopher Crawford

Ms. Nancy Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cunningham

Mr. Kenneth P. Daigrepont

Dailygood by Goodsearch 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daly

Mrs. Aileen Weiner Dampf

Lt. Governor and Mrs. John L. "Jay" Dardenne Jr.

Mr. Richard Daspit Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. "Bob" Deaton

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse "Skipper" Denham, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DePaul

Mr. and Mrs. Curis Deroche

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiLeo

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dipirro

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Domingue

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Doran

Maggie Doty

Mr. James Driesse

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley F. Duke Jr.

Ms. Melba Duncan

Ms. Shellon D. Duncan

Ms. Christine Dupuy

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Durnin

Mr. Jimmie Dusek

Mr. and Mrs. John East

East Ascension High School - National Honor Society 

Mrs. Shirley Eck

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T. Edmon

Ms. Hermina C. Edward-Irvin

Ms. Andrea Eickmeier

Ms. Elaine Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. H. David Ellis Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Erdey

Ms. Joyce Eustis

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan T. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Falgoust

Father Louis Savoure' Ladies Auxiliary 

Ms. Alex Favre

Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Feigley

Ms. Marlene Ferrara

Mr. Sean and Dr. Kelly R. Finan

Ms. Sarah Finn

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Firnberg Sr.

Ms. Rita Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fortenberry

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Franklin

Ms. Traci P. Furlow

Mr. and Mrs. Asa Gage

Mr. Ronald L. Gast

Ms. Jean Gauthier

Ms. Lois Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilmore

Mr. Randall Godso

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Golden

Mrs. Doris W. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Graham

Mr. and Mrs. George Grau

Ms. Linda Graves

Greater Horizons 

Ms. Majorie Ann Green

Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Guerin

Ms. Mary Gugich

Ms. Roberta A. Guillory

Mr. and Mrs. Nolan F. Guillot Jr.

Mr. Frederick Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Halleck

Ms. Janet Hamilton

Dr. and Mrs. William O. Hamilton

Ms. Patricia Hamilton

Ms. Candace Hampton

Ms. Susan Haney

Mr. Arthur Hannaman

Mr. Florent Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harless

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Haubner

Mr. Robert G. Havard

Ms. Viola Hawkins

Heart of Alabama Combined Federal Campaign 

Ms. Kay Heath

Dr. Richard C. Hebert

Mr. Randolph G.  Helouin

Dr. and Mrs. Greg C. Henkelmann

Ms. Kelly Hidalgo

Ms. Janet Himel

Mrs. Billye Hise

Ms. Estelle Holliday

Ms. Emma H. Hooper

Ms. Elizabeth Evans House

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howe

Mr. and Mrs. George Hudson

Ms. Valerie Hudson

Mrs. Billie Hultgren

Mrs. DeLois Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hymel

IBM Employee Services Center 

International Paper 

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank 

Mr. Curtis Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Jee, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Jr. Jewett

Ms. Deloris Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Lake Johnson

J. Gerard Jolly

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Juban, III

Mr. Adrian Kaiser Jr.

Mr. Junius L. Kaufman

Ms. Caren Kavanaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Keller

Mrs. Ann Schudmak Keogh

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. K. Scott Kirkpatrick

Ms. Dorothy H. Knighten

Knights of Columbus #8878 

Mr. Bryan Knost

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kramer

Ms. Tyana Lacey

Mr. Raymond L. LaCombe

Mrs. Faye M. LaCour

Ms. Renee LaCour

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lamb

Mr. Jhan Lambert

Ms. Carol LaMotte

Ms. Brenda Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Langheinz

Mr. Leroy J. Langlois Jr.

Mr. Warren Lathan

Dr. and Mrs. William Laughlin

Ms. Carey Lauret

Mr. Davis Lauve

Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Lawhon

Ms. Sandra Leader

Mrs. Gloria LeBlanc

Ms. Donna LeBlanc

Nancy Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leggette

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Leggio

Mr. and Mrs. Arvis B. Leininger

Ms. Corrine Lemoine

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lloyd

Mr. Robert C. Long

Louisiana Volunteers for Family & Community/Living 

Mr. Nicholas Ludwig

Mr. Larry and Dr. Jane Luster

Mr. and Mrs. James Bond Lux Sr.

Mr. Kevin Lyle

Mrs. Elaine Maher

Mr. Martin Maley

Mrs. Norma Martin

Ms. Irma Martin

Ms. Andria Maruca-Orr

Mary Ellen and David Kelly and Family 

Ms. Janet G. Marzloff

Ms. Mary Jo Mayfield

B. J. McArdle

Mr. Patrick McBride

Dr. and Mrs. Gene McCann

Mr. and Mrs. John L. McGee

Rosie McGowan-Wilson

Mrs. Phyllis McKay

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. McNeil

Mrs. Gracie P. McNemar

J. Stephen Melton

Merck Partnership For Giving 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Mestayer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry H. Miller

Mrs. Gail Miller

Ms. Jacqulyn S. Miller

Mr. Leon P. Miller

Ms. Patsy M. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff J. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mistretta

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Monroe

Mr. Ted Mooney

Mr. and Mrs. David Moore

Mr. and Mrs. David Joel Morgan

Dr. and Mrs. Harold V. Moss

Mr. Ken Mulhearn

Ms. Catherine Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Muscarello

Ms. Wanda Naquin

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Netterville

New Horizon Head Start 

Mr. Jeremy Norrick

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony O'Connor

Mr. Bland O'Connor

Mr. and Ms. Joseph B. Olinde, Jr.

Ms. Christina Olivier

Dr. Ray J. Oschwald

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ourso

Ms. Mary D. Ourso

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ourso

Owen & White, Inc. 

Mr. Willie Page

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Palmer

Mr. Woody Parnell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Patin Jr.

Drs. Kirk A. and Judith Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pavur

Ms. Cheryl Payne

Ms. Lois Peairs

Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Jr. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Louis William "Bill" Peters

Ms. Emily Pham

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Phillips

Pilot Club of Denham Springs Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Piner

Ms. Millie Pixley

Randall Plaisance

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Poche' III

Ms. Glenda Pond

Mr. Harry Prather

Professional Management Service 

Ms. Lisa Purpera

Mr. Charles Quatrevingt

R. Logsdon & Associates 

Red Stick Roller Derby 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reynerson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riche'

Mr. and Mrs. Prosper J. Rivet

Ms. Ella Roberts

Mr. Andrew Robichaux

Dr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Robicheaux

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Roth

Mr. Sidney D. Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rugeley

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ruppert

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ray Rushing

Ms. Mary Russo

Mr. David L. Safer

Dr. Mary Ella Sanders

Mr. Cary Saurage

Ms. Sara Savoy

Ms. Margreat Scales

Mr. Jack Scardina

Ms. Elizabeth L. Scardina

Mr. Michael Schexnayder

Mrs. Marie Schittone

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Schmerbach

Mrs. Elsie F. Schott

Mr. Charles E. "Chuck" Schwing

Mrs. Gayle M. Schwing

Mr. Ronald Scott

Mrs. Elizabeth Scott

Mr. William M. Seal

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Sedlin

Mr. Robert P. Sentilles

Mrs. Merle H. Shannon

Mrs. Karen Sharp

Ms. Vadel Shivers

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sibley

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Simmons

Mrs. Betty Simmons

Mr. Stuart Sivils

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sr. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith

Ms. Audrey Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Songy

Mr. and Mrs. W.  Spann

Ms. Patsy T. Spiller

St. Alphonsus School 

St. Andrew's United Methodist Church 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy St. Pierre

Mrs. Joan Stenhouse

Ms. Keidra Stewart

Mr. Robert Stock

Mr. Gerald Stockton

Ms. Brandi Sullivan

Ms. Laura B. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. Taylor

Mrs. Viola Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Taylor

The Trivia Group 

Dr. and Mrs. Kerry T. Thibodeaux

Ms. Natasha M. Thomas

Mrs. Charles M. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tingle

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sr. Tingle

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Tingle

Total Woman Boutique 

Mr. and Mrs. James Troisi

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Trouard Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Trull

Ms. Sadie Tullier

Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge 

United Networks of America 

United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area 

United Way of Allegheny County 

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. 

United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, Inc. 

Ms. April Vallet

Ms. Shirley L. Vicich

Frank Viveiros

Dr. Harold M. Voss

Ms. Patricia Wafer

Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Walker

Mr. Thomas N. Walsh

Ms. Nancy Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Felix Weill

Ms. Kathy Wells

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Westbrook

Mr. and Mrs. David Whatley

Ms. Stephanie White

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sr. Whitlow

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whitlow Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. William A. "Will" Wilcox

Ms. Marlene Wilcox

Ms. Catherine Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williams

Mr. Bruce Andres Williamson

Ms. Kay Wolff

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woolsey