Children's Educational Support

Advocacy and School Liaison Support


Educational professionals work to educate and   empower parents seeking to advocate for their children’s educational needs. In addition, parents may request additional assistance from one of our professionals when they are developing educational plans or when requesting other special accommodations within the school system. 


Children coping with academic challenges will be assessed by trained educational professionals in an effort to determine appropriate resources and services needed by each child.  In the event other evaluations are deemed necessary, Cancer Services will work with members of the community to assure those assessments are made.


Many children coping with a cancer diagnosis or the cancer diagnosis of a sibling, struggle to manage healthcare demands and the demands of school. Some children need just a little extra help to catch up, while others may face specific cognitive issues related to their cancer diagnosis. Once assessment is complete, our educational volunteers and professionals work with parents to provide children with one-on-one learning sessions with teachers who can help them meet clearly defined objectives. Volunteers and professionals work with parents to ensure independent learning is successful.